Danny’s Family Buffet – All You Can Eat Has Never Been So Good

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Phone: 07 5524 4544

Address: Soorley Street, Tweeds Head South, NSW 2486

I wasn’t quite sure how to go about writing this review. The thing I love about writing restaurant critiques is bringing attention to terrific establishments that people need to know about. The thing about this place though, is that it isn’t like a normal restaurant.


The name really does say it all at Danny’s Family Buffet. Located in the middle of the Tweeds Head Golf Club, Danny’s is an all you can eat smorgasbord that is extremely good value at only $31.80 per person for everything and it’s, quite frankly; a place that everyone should know about.

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Smo-King Barbeque – A Review of a Must Try Mobile BBQ

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Smokehouses and barbeque restaurants aren’t hard to come by in America. Even on television, you see show after show about meats slow cooked to perfection and falling apart at the lightest touch. 

In Australia though, it may not be as common. One place, however, is serving up some authentic American styled barbeque that you don’t want of miss out on.

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Warwick’s Gardens Galore – Offering More Than Just a Nice Meal

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Phone: 07 4661 4466

Address: 21 Albion Street, Warwick, Queensland 4370 Australia

I sometimes feel that the experience of having a meal is not only about the food itself, but about the experience as a whole. Many factors can set the tone for the evening – or in this case, lunch. Warwick’s Garden Galore is a cafe that has much more to offer than just a nice meal.

Stepping in, I was immediately transported to a shoppers paradise. Giftware, jewellery and flower bouquets were spread throughout the entire entry room. I walked through, taking a moment to browse the many products they had to offer.

The dining room had a warehouse look and feel and was abuzz with the sound of customers happily chatting, talking and laughing.

The glass doors and windows all around the spacious area perfectly let all the light and outdoors in. As the day was so fine, and because this place was known for their grand gardens and nursery, we chose to sit outdoors.

The beautiful courtyard was shaded by an impressive grapevine that grew overhead like a forest canopy, giving a somewhat tropical feel.

Although, the thing that most impressed me was the menus. They were easily the most unique menus I’ve seen. Not the food but the menus themselves. Each menu was a professionally printed hardcover book with pictures of the food, the cafe and of course, the gardens.

As for the gardens, well that was something else entirely. Forget Bunnings, this place was spectacular. Featuring more plants than you could imagine, as well as live chickens running loose throughout.

A large beef burger sits on a rectangular cutting board with a small silver bucket of beer battered potato chips and six golden onion rings on a white stone table.

The contents of the menu, meaning the food, had a good variety but wasn’t overly complicated. They had a good selection of burgers and salads and also a handful of other meals and sides.

I went with the Loaded Skins; a potato skin stuffed with pulled pork and beans and then topped with cheese and sour cream.

My mother intended to order the Beef Brisket Burger, but unfortunately they had run out of brisket so instead she went with the Wagyu Beef Burger.

The waitress was pleasant and when the Brisket wasn’t available, made a recommendation that she promised would be equally as good.

Something to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t always expect a fast meal at Warwick’s Garden Galore, as our meals took around 30 minutes to come.

When they did arrive however, I noticed that they looked very appetizing. They were nicely presented and looked fresh.

The Potato Skins were served in a small cast-iron skillet that it had been cooked in. They had tortilla chips and guacamole in addition to the items that were promised on the menu and both were excellently seasoned and very morish.

A tall beef burger is straight on with lettuce, tomato, bacon, beef patty and cheese on a brioche burger bun. Three onion rings are stacked on the left in the background and a set of silver salt and pepper shakers are in the background on the right.

In fact, if I had of been served just a plate of the tortilla chips, guacamole and sour cream, it would have been faultless.

As for the stuffed potato skins, which were the main element of the dish, they were tasty and made for a nice meal, however they weren’t anything special.

I enjoyed the dish as a whole and would be happy to return again, but the main drawcard to Warwick’s Gardens Galore is, well; the gardens. It’s the kind of place that you go to for a family outing and intend to have a leisurely day.

If in Warwick, whether passing through or a local, I would absolutely recommend taking the time to visit this place. It’s an experience that’s hard to find in the hustle and bustle that is the city life.

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Café Ku-Tea – A Trendy Café That Delivers

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Phone: 0481 033 277

Address: 45 Kedron Brook Rd, Wilston Qld 4051

Brisbane has quickly been gaining an impressive reputation for being a hot destination for foodies, rivaling even the likes of Sydney and Melbourne all thanks to a hot wave of trendy cafés and restaurants popping up all over the Sunshine States capital.


Contributing to this reputation is Café Ku-Tea, a quaint and trendy café with a charming cottage vibe, complete with gorgeous flowers and stylish decor. Set in the northern Brisbane suburb of Wilston, Café Ku-Tea is serving up fresh and exciting dishes to delight the tastebuds.

The café is pet-friendly; with lots of seating options outside, allowing pets to sit with water dishes whilst you enjoy your morning coffee. As we decided to take our dog for a walk, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Café Ku-Tea Reviews Brisbane

The menu had a good variety of options whist still being simple. I ordered the Swami; pumpkin, spinach and feta fritters with poached eggs topped with Dukkah seasoning, an avocado relish and a side salad ($17).

The meals came out in relatively good time, only taking around 15-20 minutes. My Swami both looked and smelled delightful. The dish was fresh and colourful and I was keen to dig in.

Café Ku-tea Reviews Brisbane

I started with cutting open the poached eggs. The yolk was just on the edge of being overdone; they were runny but not as runny as a poached eggs should be. However, they were still gooey enough to be quite enjoyable. The Dukkah season was the perfect match that really complemented the eggs and added an extra dimension to the whole dish.


The fritters were bursting with goodness. They were tasty and morish, the type of thing that you wanted to keep eating; add the avocado relish and it’s even harder to stop. Seasoned to perfection, the relish resembled a chunky guacamole; avocado, tomato and red onion all mashed into a delicious accompaniment.

Café kutea review Brisbane

The side salad was simple with lettuce, cherry tomatoes and a subtly flavoured dressing, yet was a necessary element to the dish.

The quality of the food that I had been served at Café Ku-Tea was extraordinary. I can’t remember having a breakfast that I enjoyed quite so much as what I have eaten here today. I implore you to make the trip to visit this amazing café. It’s a place that you don’t want to miss out on.

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C’est Cheese On The Go – A Mobile Cheese Van That’s Going Places

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Phone: 0447 754 184

Website: http://cestcheese.com.au

Upon attending the Gourmet in Gundy food and wine festival in September, I sampled many delicious offerings. But one particular thing stood out for me. C’est Cheese On The Go is a mobile cheese van serving up a selection of fine cheeses and dishes that would make any cheese lover drool. 

I had been eyeing off the food van all day. It seemed as though a few people had the same idea, as there was a big line up at the van. C’est Cheese seemed to be very popular. We ordered a ‘2 Cheese Platter’ which served 2-5 people. 

Once we got our cheese platter, we headed back to our table to enjoy feed. The platter came with two cheeses of your choice, as the name suggests, crackers and quince paste and it was $26. I did feel that the price was a bit much for what we got on the platter. 

We chose a France Comté, which was a hard, nutty cheese, and a Fromage D’affonois which was a creamy Brie cheese also from France. 

The Comté was said to be one of the most eaten cheeses in France. It’s aged for 18 months in the Comté caves and had a nutty, pungent taste and smell. It was a hard cheese, but was smooth on the tongue. The richness of the cheese was matched sensationally with the crackers. 

The Brie was creamy and had a lovely, delicate flavour that paired so perfectly with the crackers. It was sensational and I can’t remember ever having any better. I was told it was one of the best Brie’s there was, and after trying it, I don’t think I can argue. 

The wafer thin crackers had a subtle taste and a delightfully crunchy texture. They were the perfect kind of crackers to have with a small cheese platter as they really let the flavours and textures of the cheeses stand out. The quince paste wasn’t anything special. It was nice, it just didn’t stand out compared with the delicious cheeses it was matched with. 

When I first spotted C’est Cheese On The Go, I was keen to try what they had to offer. I can truly say that they delivered much more than I expected. I would recommend getting in line early if you get the chance because C’est Cheese is something worth trying. I highly suggest booking this amazing cheese van for your next party, function or big event.

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Brewhouse Brisbane

601 Stanley St.
Brisbane 4102

Sun to Thurs I 10am – 12am
Sat & Fri I 10am – 1am

Craft breweries are rapidly becoming more and more popular across Australia; with many new hip alehouses and pubs popping up, each with new and bizarre flavoured drinks on offer and many serving up delectable meals alongside their prized beers. The Brewhouse is among them; with a chilled, industrial interior, this heritage-listed pub has a great atmosphere that sets the tone for a good night. With eight of their own Brisbane Brewing Co. beers on tap, as well as a number of carefully selected craft beers from other artisan breweries for you to try and an exciting cocktail menu and wine list for those who don’t drink beer.

Entering the pub I noted a blackboard out the front advertising a ‘Taco Tuesday’ special, something I was delighted by. We received a warm welcome as soon as we arrived and were escorted to a booth by a friendly waiter, who supplied us with menus and a jug of cold water and glasses – it’s safe to say that the service was impeccable. 

Brewhouse offers a varied and inventive menu with a New York Deli-meets-South America-meets-Oktoberfest fusion with the menu based upon fresh, local produce. I ordered the blue corn tacos with crispy battered fish, jalapeno & avocado salsa, pickled red onion, salad leaves and sriracha ($15). My Mother ordered the beef salad with beef strips, red capsicum, olives, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, spinach and ranch dressing, which was a lunch special ($16 with any drink purchase). The meals took barely any time at all to arrive and they both looked sensational; they looked incredibly fresh and vibrant. As the waiter placed the taco’s on the table, he looked at who they were for (a skinny, young girl) and offered to have the chef remake the taco’s if they were too spicy. Although I deeply appreciated the gesture, I was determined to have them as they came, heat and all.

Biting into the first of three taco’s, I heard the satisfying crunch of the crispy fish batter, which not only tasted delicious but also gave the taco’s an amazing texture that paired so perfectly with the soft and light blue corn tortilla and the slightly chunky, slightly smooth jalapeno & avocado salsa that was seasoned beautifully. The onions were a perfect combination of sweet and sour and added a lovely refreshing element to the dish. They were the perfect accompaniment to the spicy sriracha sauce, which at this point, was making my mouth burn slightly. I was thankful for the jug of cold water that was still on the table but although I could barely feel my lips, I couldn’t stop reaching for the delicious, crispy fish taco’s. 

When I did finally reach the end of my taco’s, I sampled the beef salad. The first bite left me wanting more; the beef was gushing pink and incredibly flavoursome, not to mention that it was so tender it melted in the mouth and left me salivating. The rest of the salad was relatively simple but the flavours worked together. 

The Brewhouse is a trendy, up-and-coming pub with a relaxed vibe and delicious food. There’s no doubt in my mind that a table at Brewhouse will soon be the hottest reservation in South Brisbane and I highly recommend tasting all they have to offer.