C’est Cheese On The Go – A Mobile Cheese Van That’s Going Places

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Phone: 0447 754 184

Website: http://cestcheese.com.au

Upon attending the Gourmet in Gundy food and wine festival in September, I sampled many delicious offerings. But one particular thing stood out for me. C’est Cheese On The Go is a mobile cheese van serving up a selection of fine cheeses and dishes that would make any cheese lover drool. 

I had been eyeing off the food van all day. It seemed as though a few people had the same idea, as there was a big line up at the van. C’est Cheese seemed to be very popular. We ordered a ‘2 Cheese Platter’ which served 2-5 people. 

Once we got our cheese platter, we headed back to our table to enjoy feed. The platter came with two cheeses of your choice, as the name suggests, crackers and quince paste and it was $26. I did feel that the price was a bit much for what we got on the platter. 

We chose a France Comté, which was a hard, nutty cheese, and a Fromage D’affonois which was a creamy Brie cheese also from France. 

The Comté was said to be one of the most eaten cheeses in France. It’s aged for 18 months in the Comté caves and had a nutty, pungent taste and smell. It was a hard cheese, but was smooth on the tongue. The richness of the cheese was matched sensationally with the crackers. 

The Brie was creamy and had a lovely, delicate flavour that paired so perfectly with the crackers. It was sensational and I can’t remember ever having any better. I was told it was one of the best Brie’s there was, and after trying it, I don’t think I can argue. 

The wafer thin crackers had a subtle taste and a delightfully crunchy texture. They were the perfect kind of crackers to have with a small cheese platter as they really let the flavours and textures of the cheeses stand out. The quince paste wasn’t anything special. It was nice, it just didn’t stand out compared with the delicious cheeses it was matched with. 

When I first spotted C’est Cheese On The Go, I was keen to try what they had to offer. I can truly say that they delivered much more than I expected. I would recommend getting in line early if you get the chance because C’est Cheese is something worth trying. I highly suggest booking this amazing cheese van for your next party, function or big event.

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