About Me

Hello! Thank you for taking a look at my little blog! My name is Keeley and I’m a self confessed foodie that is constantly seeking out new and exciting tastes & experiences and capturing whatever’s on my plate. I created my blog, Kj’s Food Journal because I am passionate about food and feel that anyone can create delicious meals with everyday ingredients, even if you’re short on time. I love creating recipes that are achievable for anyone and bring joy to the people we share them with! I’m excited to share all my delicious recipes and experiences with all of you!

I’m a self-taught cook and I learned everything from my parents, flicking through what must be hundreds of cookbooks and magazines and a fair bit from the Food Network!

I’m an Aussie girl raised in a small, rural town of Texas, Qld 4385. Although there isn’t a whole lot going on in the food scene (we have 2 cafes, 2 restaurants and 2 take-out shops) I still love it here. Its just got its perks; fresh air, peace and quiet and everyone knows everyone. And as for living is Australia, well I’m sure you’ve heard of how great the Aussie food culture is. Fresh produce, a constant stream of food festivals, not to mention the amazing cafe scene; I mean, Aussies invented smashed avo and flat whites!!

I really hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy working on it everyday! If you want to see some of the recipes I’ve created, then please check out my Recipe Index. And always be sure to Eat, Drink, Laugh & Be Happy xxx

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