Stockman Hotel – An Iconic Country Pub


3 High Street

T: 07 4653 1310

Rating: 4 out of 5.


The Stockman Hotel is an iconic country pub in the heart of Texas, QLD. It’s one of the most unique and charming country pubs in Australia and is known far and wide for it’s warm hospitality and family friendly atmosphere.

The grand brick exterior boasts charming character and makes for a great first impression. The gorgeous rustic decor makes for a chilled and casual atmosphere that really feels cozy and comfortable, especially when the wood fired heater is blazing away in winter.

On arrival, we were greeted by the friendly staff as we found our seats. While the Stockman features a restaurant styled dining room, we chose to eat near the bar.

Although the menu appears to be standard pub grub, the good flavours and Chef Specials set this place apart from all the rest. Today, I ordered the king pork cutlets with mashed potato, greens and apple sauce. The meal took between 20-25 minutes to arrive and I was delighted with the aroma that was drifting through the air.

Stockman Hotel Restaurant Review

The dish was presented beautifully and really looked appetizing. The thick cutlet was laying on a bed of mashed potatoes and fresh, vibrant vegetables. The delicious pork juices were running onto the vegetables, soaking them in mouthwatering flavours and acting as the best kind of sauce you could ask for.

The only proper way to eat a cutlet is with your hands, so I dug in; thankful for the serviettes that came with my cutlery! The meat was thick, juicy and perfectly seasoned with a delicious marinade that really made the dish spectacular. The vegetables were fresh and tasty, due to the pork juices they were sitting in, and were well seasoned. If I only had one complaint it was that the mash was a little dry.

When I finished my meal, I thanked the staff and left feeling utterly full and satisfied after such a delicious meal. The first impressions of the Stockman Hotel were great but they weren’t anything compared to the impressions of the food. I highly recommend stopping in for a meal – you will not be disappointed!

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