Stockman Hotel, Texas QLD

The Stockman Hotel is an iconic country pub in the town of Texas, Qld. It’s grand exterior gives an amazing first impression and it boasts a warm a friendly atmosphere with terrific service.

The pub hosts a bistro styled restaurant and whilst at first appearance, the menu seems to be typical pub grub, the in house chef and constantly changing chef specials are what really set this place apart from the rest.

Tonight I decided to order from the specials and went with the Grilled Barramundi & Prawns ($24.50). The dish was served with a tomato and basil salsa, seasonal vegetables and smashed potatoes.


When my meal arrived, I was delighted by the presentation. The dish looked fresh and flavoursome and I was eager to try it.

It was evident just by looking at the fish that the skin was going to be perfectly crispy and biting into my first mouthful, I was delighted with such a satisfying crunch that was seasoned to perfection.

The barramundi fell apart into beautiful flaky pieces at the lightest touch from my fork and whilst at first I wasn’t sure if salsa was the best thing to serve with fish, the combination of the fresh tomatoes and basil paired so perfectly with the barramundi. It really was a match made in heaven.


The seasonal vegetables included broccolini, baby corn, carrots and also the smashed potatoes. They were cooked well and were obviously very fresh.

The smashed potatoes were light and fluffy on the inside, yet so crispy on the outside. They crunched when biting into them and then seemed to melt away in the mouth.

But the absolute stand out of this dish was the juicy grilled prawns that sat so temptingly on top. A plate of them would have been just as satisfying. They were succulent and beautifully seasoned.

The Stockman Hotel is far from just a country pub. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and was delighted with both the atmosphere and friendly service throughout the evening. It is definitely a place well worth a visit.

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