Brewhouse Brisbane

601 Stanley St.
Brisbane 4102

Sun to Thurs I 10am – 12am
Sat & Fri I 10am – 1am

Craft breweries are rapidly becoming more and more popular across Australia; with many new hip alehouses and pubs popping up, each with new and bizarre flavoured drinks on offer and many serving up delectable meals alongside their prized beers. The Brewhouse is among them; with a chilled, industrial interior, this heritage-listed pub has a great atmosphere that sets the tone for a good night. With eight of their own Brisbane Brewing Co. beers on tap, as well as a number of carefully selected craft beers from other artisan breweries for you to try and an exciting cocktail menu and wine list for those who don’t drink beer.

Entering the pub I noted a blackboard out the front advertising a ‘Taco Tuesday’ special, something I was delighted by. We received a warm welcome as soon as we arrived and were escorted to a booth by a friendly waiter, who supplied us with menus and a jug of cold water and glasses – it’s safe to say that the service was impeccable. 

Brewhouse offers a varied and inventive menu with a New York Deli-meets-South America-meets-Oktoberfest fusion with the menu based upon fresh, local produce. I ordered the blue corn tacos with crispy battered fish, jalapeno & avocado salsa, pickled red onion, salad leaves and sriracha ($15). My Mother ordered the beef salad with beef strips, red capsicum, olives, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, spinach and ranch dressing, which was a lunch special ($16 with any drink purchase). The meals took barely any time at all to arrive and they both looked sensational; they looked incredibly fresh and vibrant. As the waiter placed the taco’s on the table, he looked at who they were for (a skinny, young girl) and offered to have the chef remake the taco’s if they were too spicy. Although I deeply appreciated the gesture, I was determined to have them as they came, heat and all.

Biting into the first of three taco’s, I heard the satisfying crunch of the crispy fish batter, which not only tasted delicious but also gave the taco’s an amazing texture that paired so perfectly with the soft and light blue corn tortilla and the slightly chunky, slightly smooth jalapeno & avocado salsa that was seasoned beautifully. The onions were a perfect combination of sweet and sour and added a lovely refreshing element to the dish. They were the perfect accompaniment to the spicy sriracha sauce, which at this point, was making my mouth burn slightly. I was thankful for the jug of cold water that was still on the table but although I could barely feel my lips, I couldn’t stop reaching for the delicious, crispy fish taco’s. 

When I did finally reach the end of my taco’s, I sampled the beef salad. The first bite left me wanting more; the beef was gushing pink and incredibly flavoursome, not to mention that it was so tender it melted in the mouth and left me salivating. The rest of the salad was relatively simple but the flavours worked together. 

The Brewhouse is a trendy, up-and-coming pub with a relaxed vibe and delicious food. There’s no doubt in my mind that a table at Brewhouse will soon be the hottest reservation in South Brisbane and I highly recommend tasting all they have to offer. 

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