Smo-King Barbeque – A Review of a Must Try Mobile BBQ

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Smokehouses and barbeque restaurants aren’t hard to come by in America. Even on television, you see show after show about meats slow cooked to perfection and falling apart at the lightest touch. 

In Australia though, it may not be as common. One place, however, is serving up some authentic American styled barbeque that you don’t want of miss out on.

And when I say a ‘place’ I really mean a mobile catering business – Smo-King Barbeque. But before you think that you’ll need to be lucky enough to see them at an event, then fear not because Smo-King Barbeque sets up in Inverell, NSW almost every second Sunday for lunch sessions.

I highly recommend making the trip to taste the delicious low and slow cook meats and tasty sides. The Brisket is a must in my books; the meat falls apart at the slightest pressure and easily melts in the mouth. 

Six thick pieces of roasted beef brisket sit in a cardboard takeaway container with coleslaw, tortilla chips and a gherkin in the background.
Smo-King Barbeque’s Brisket Box

And if ribs are more your thing, you can’t get much better then Smo-King’s rack of ribs. They’re meaty and covered in a sticky sauce that is definitely worth the mess. You’ll be licking your lips after enjoying these bad boys. 

As for the sides, they’re simple yet a perfect addition to the smoked, spiced meats. The coleslaw was crunchy with the right amount of dressing and the gherkin was nice and crunchy with a great flavour.

The third side was admittedly something that at first I thought was an unusual choice of sides; corn chips. Yes, corn chips. Although I was a little skeptical, the chips definitely worked with everything and added a great texture to the meal. 

I highly recommend keeping your eyes peeled for the next time these guys are in town. I know I will be. 

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