10 Recipes You Can Cook Using Pantry Staples

Stuck at home? Need meal inspiration using the odds and ends of your pantry staples? Don’t worry, I’m here to help! I’ve got 10 recipes that you can cook up using pantry staples! Beans and pasta don’t have to be boring…

The start of 2020 has been filled with mass panic buying of pantry staples, hygienic products and in Australia, toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper. As you will know, this has all been caused by the Coronavirus – or Covid-19.


The prospect of spending two weeks in isolation is scaring people into filling up their pantries with canned goods, pasta, rice and basically anything else with a long shelf life. And whilst I have still not succumbed to the panic buying that many people are doing, I still do tend to keep most of these basic items on hand anyway.

Today I’m sharing with you 10 recipes that you can make using pantry staples designed to help you use up your supply or to survive an isolation period without skimping on a tasty feed!

I hope you and your family stay safe through this terrible time we find ourselves in and if you’re an Aussie, please stop buying up all the goddam toilet paper!


Tips To Make Your Pantry Staples Shine

  • Salt & pepper are your friends. Season to taste, but make sure you’re getting in the right amount.
  • Make use of spices. A little chilli flakes can really go a long way in giving your food an extra dimension.
  • Garlic. Add it to whatever you can. It is flavour!

Homemade Vegetarian Chilli by The Cooking Collective

This is a filling meal that you can whip up from a can of beans! The recipe also makes use of tinned tomatoes, so it really is a great chilli recipe to use up those pantry staples!

Mushroom Spaghetti by Plant Based Folk

This is a pasta recipe that the whole family will love! Not only is it quick to prepare, but the leftovers can easily be stored in the fridge for a terrific lunch option the next day!

Salmon Fritters by My Sugar Free Kitchen

These Salmon Fritters are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and will leave you feeling satisfied! An easy and nutritious dinner recipe that packs in the protein!

Potato & Sausage Breakfast Hash by Kj’s Food Journal

This is a frugal meal that doesn’t compromise on flavour! This potato & sausage breakfast hash recipe is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner and is sure to deliver on taste!

This sweet potato, lentil and chickpea curry is a delicious, healthy and hearty one-pan meal that is made in 30 minutes! It’s a satisfying meal that really packs the flavour!

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce by Kj’s Food Journal

This simple homemade chunky Marinara Pasta Sauce recipe is a quick, easy and healthy meal for any weeknight dinner! This garlicky spaghetti marinara is a great meal prep recipe idea using canned tomatoes and the whole family will love it!

Tuna Mornay Pasta Bake by My Sugar Free Kitchen

This Tuna Mornay Pasta Bake is a cheap and easy dinner to feed the family! The two main ingredients – tinned tuna and pasta – are most likely already in your pantry as we speak! (especially if you’ve been a panic shopper 😉).

This Black-Eyed Peas Curry, or Lobia Ka Salan, can be made using one of two different cooking methods! It can either be made on the stovetop or if you’re strapped for time it can be made using a pressure cooker!

Spaghetti with Garlic & Oil by Cook It Real Cook

This is a delicious meal that can be made in 15 minutes with only 5 ingredients! It may be a ‘pantry staple’ recipe, but it will feel like a restaurant quality dinner!

Easy Tuna & Potato Patties by It’s Not Complicated Recipes

Just because the butcher was sold out of meat, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great dinner! These tuna and potato patties are a fabulous way to get that much-desired protein – that doesn’t come from a plant!


#11 Bonus Recipe!

Easy Shakshuka by Kj’s Food Journal

Oh I just love Shakshuka! It’s a Middle Eastern recipe of eggs poached in a tomato sauce with spices! It’s one of my favourite breakfast recipes, but I could definitely eat it for dinner too! And the best part is, it uses staple ingredients!


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