10 BBQ Recipes for Summer Entertaining

Summer is just around the corner and that usually means people are getting outside and cranking up their barbeques!

So with that in mind, I’ve brought together a list of 10 BBQ Recipes for Summer Entertaining! From burgers to tacos and even dessert – this list is sure to have you cooking in style!

BBQ Lamb & Romesco Sauce by Another Food Blogger

A simple butterflied leg of lamb gets the special treatment on the bbq! It’s a great twist on the classic Sunday roast and goes so well with some charred broccolini!

Spicy Grilled Fish Tacos by Another Food Blogger

Take your Taco Tuesday outside this summer with these delicious grilled fish tacos! With crunchy red cabbage and fresh grilled pineapple, this recipe is sure to be a winner!

Warm Grilled Zucchini Salad by Kj’s Food Journal

Every good barbeque needs a delicious side dish, right? And this grilled zucchini salad is sure to go down a treat along with any meal!

BBQ Korean Chicken by Another Food Blogger

This is a super simple roast chicken with amazing Korean flavours! If you’re looking to change things up a bit, then you’ll want to grab this recipe!

Beef & Horseradish Burgers by Kj’s Food Journal

Homemade burgers have got to be one of the best things to grill up on the weekend this summer! They’re easy to cook, easy to eat and you don’t even need plates! What could be better?!

BBQ Asian Asparagus by Another Food Blogger

This simple grilled asparagus recipe makes the ultimate side for any bbq! The Asian flavours add something different and it’s so easy to make!

Grilled Octopus Salad by Another Food Blogger

If you’re looking for something a little different for the barbeque, then you’ll want to check out this grilled octopus salad recipe! It’s sure to impress any seafood lover.

Greek Chicken Skewers by Kj’s Food Journal

Chicken skewers are definitely one of my favourite things to cook on the barbeque! I just love eating the hot grilled meat straight off of the stick!

Grilled Prawn Sandwich by Another Food Blogger

Throw another shrimp on the barbie! – okay, so that’s what Americans think we say, but really; prawns (not shrimp 😉) cooked on the barbeque are delicious! And what better way to show it than with this grilled prawn sandwich!

Grilled Pineapple by Keep Calm & Eat Ice Cream

If you’ve never tried grilled pineapple, then you have to try this recipe! The way the sugars caramelise is utterly perfect!

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