5 Alternative Pizza Base Ideas

Picture this; it’s Friday night and you have a bad craving for pizza. It’s late and now that you’ve mentioned it, the kids want pizza too. At this point, you could just order a boring old greasy pizza from a fast-food restaurant and pay a pretty penny for it – or you could make your own and save money and make it a slightly healthier option. 

But what if you don’t have any pizza bases on hand? Is it a hopeless case? No, it sure isn’t! I’m here today to show you five delicious alternatives to the classic pizza base for those times that you just gotta have a slice. 

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Sausage Paella

This sausage Paella is a hearty and delicious weeknight family dinner that won’t blow the budget! Packed with sausages, rice & vegetables it will definitely go down a treat!

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