30 Healthy Lunch Recipes to Pack for Work

30 healthy packed lunch recipes for work! Smash your New Years Resolutions and stay healthy all year, whilst also saving money on bought lunches.

It’s January and that means the start of a whole new year! January is the perfect time to set some amazing life changing goals for the rest of the year and to take control! If one of your resolutions is to eat a little healthier – or save money with packed lunches (me!) – then I’m here to help you and myself make new habits stick!

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Beginners Guide to Meal Planning – 10 Tips for Meal Planning Success

Meal Planning, or Menu Planning as some refer to it, is a simple way to save you money, time and a great way to stick to your New’s Years Revolutions by simply planning what you and your family eat in advance.

If you want to give it a try, but you’re finding the task of meal planning a little daunting, then don’t worry because I’m here to walk you through the simple process with my 10 Tips for Meal Planning Success.

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35 Best Christmas Recipes for Summer Entertaining

In Australia, the typical Christmas Lunch comprises of cold drinks, fresh seafood, yummy salads and a roast or two, served hot or in my family’s case, usually cold.

If you’re looking for fresh, new ideas for the festive season and for the special day, then look no further!

I’ve rounded up the very best festive recipes to make your Aussie Christmas Feast go off with a bang!

Smoked Salmon Salad Wreath by It’s Not Complicated Recipes

Fresh, summery and very festive! This salad wreath is the perfect addition to an Aussie Christmas Feast!

Can you really entertain without a cheese platter? I’m not sure, but I’ll play it safe with this Baked Brie with Fig Jam recipe! Sticky, fruity fig jam and creamy, gooey brie cheese smothered over crackers! Yes Please!

Christmas Oreo Cookie Balls by The Flavor Bender

Aren’t these just adorable?! Both the kids and the adults will be lining up for these Christmas Oreo Cookies all day long! The cutest way to get into the Christmas Spirit.

Butternut Squash & Lentil Salad by The Belly Rules the Mind

Fresh and healthy, this butternut squash and lentil salad will be a real hit on a hot summery Christmas day! It will pair perfectly with the glazed ham or any kind of roasted meat!

Gluten Free Gingerbread Cake by A Cookie Named Desire

Who said that Celiacs had to miss out on a delicious Christmas dessert? This gluten free gingerbread cake it the perfect sweet treat with all the traditional Christmas flavours!

Merry Little Devil Eggs by She Keeps A Lovely Home

I believe that Devil Eggs are a must have Christmas Appetiser and the ones get a festive makeover with ‘Holly’ made from some creative ingredients!

Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes by A Cookie Named Desire

Peppermint is definitely a traditional flavour that is always associated with Christmas! And these chocolate peppermint cupcakes are the perfect treat for any festive party!

Christmas Cookies by A Farm Girls Kitchen

I just love iced biscuits! Especially Christmas themed cookies! A cute treat for any age or the perfect homemade present for someone you love.


Brussels Sprouts get a makeover in the festive salad that is perfect for the holiday season! It’s a fresh and colourful salad that is ideal for an Aussie Christmas feast.

Everything But A Bagel Cheese Ball by Cheese Curd in Paradise

I’ve already mentioned how much I love cheese, so the thought of a big ball of it that can be spread onto bagel chips sounds so good to me!

Is Christmas lunch really complete without a mouthwatering piece of meat? I don’t think so. And this prime rib roast with garlic butter is the perfect thing to make this festive season!

Take your shortbread up a notch this year with this delightful recipe! Almost anything can be improved by adding chocolate and the traditional shortbread is no exception!

Easy Holiday Punch by A Farm Girls Kitchen

In my family, punch is saved for special occasions. Birthdays, parties, celebrations and of course, Christmas. My family and I always look forward to Christmas for the simple little things like punch. This recipe is very festive and is sure to get you into the Christmas cheer as well!

Almond Flour Sugar Cookies by Fit As A Mama Bear

These gluten free Christmas cookies are the perfect sweet treat for the silly season! Perfect with a glass of milk!

Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms by Savory with Soul

These spicy chorizo stuffed mushrooms are the perfect appetiser for any Christmas party! They’re the perfect bite-sized nibble that your guests will love!

Pavlova Wreath by Sweet Caramel Sunday

No Australian Christmas is complete without the Pavlova. This recipe is a brilliant new take on the traditional favourite, making it even more festive with the simple wreath shape!

Spiced Shortbread by Sugar Salt Magic

A traditional shortbread that’s been taken up a notch with a simple dusting of festive spices! These biscuits are sure to become a family favourite!

Christmas Mojito by Cooking Carnival

Celebrate this Christmas with a festive cocktail this yeah!! These Mojitos are sure to get you in the mood to party!!

Pomegranate & Wild Rice Salad by Stacey Homemaker

This festive Christmas salad is the perfect side dish to serve with your holiday meal! Made with rocket, pomegranate seeds and wild rice, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser!

These mini salmon rissoles make the perfect little canapés for your Christmas celebrations! And with only a handful of ingredients, this appetiser is easy to prepare!

Christmas Pudding by Cooking Journey Blog

My Nan thinks that it’s not Christmas without the traditional pudding. So with that in mind, I had to include a recipe in this post for everyone that agrees!

Christmas Ice Cream Pudding by Marcellina in Cucina

This is the perfect recipe for when you’re short on time! This ice cream pudding is the perfect dessert to impress your guests without hours of effort! Made with only a few store bought ingredients, this recipe is a real crowd pleaser.

Parmesan Nacho Cups by Emma Eats and Explores

This time of year, with so many Christmas parties on, it’s just vital to have a nice appetiser recipe up your sleeve. And these Parmesan nacho cups are just the thing!


Looking for a delicious and different side salad? Well, this roasted sweet potato salad with lentils and goats cheese might just be what you’re after! It’s easy to prepare and looks amazing on the dinner table!

Gingerbread Ice Cream by From the Larder

Love gingerbread? Love ice cream? Then you’re definitely going to have to check out this recipe! Combining traditional Christmas flavours with the delicious summer treat we all know and love!

Braised Red Cabbage by Veggie Desserts

This easy braised cabbage is a great side dish that can be made ahead! It will make a vibrant addition to any meal!

How to Make a Grazing Platter by Sweet Caramel Sunday

No Christmas is complete without a cheese board. Well, this right here is your ultimate guide to making and awesome grazing platter that your guests will love!

Apple Glazed Ham by Spend with Pennies

Pork and apple are a perfect match and this glazed ham highlights that beautifully! Succulent and juicy, it’s great served alongside my Apple, Rocket & Pine Nut Salad.

Gluten-Free Christmas Cake by From the Larder

Now everyone can enjoy a slice of the traditional Christmas cake with this great recipe by From the Larder!

Homemade Caramels by Garnish & Glaze

Looking for a present that was made with love? Then look no further than these Homemade Caramels by Garnish and Glaze! Gift them to loved ones or simply make them for Christmas day snacking!

Gingerbread House by The Flavor Bender

There are very few things more iconic than a gingerbread house at Christmas time! It’s something that impresses both kids and adults alike!

This is a beautiful and festive Christmas appetiser that your guests will love! Baked Brie is always great for sharing!

This impressive roast lamb recipe is full of surprises! Stuffed with white beans, swiss chard and sundried tomatoes, this is sure to be a hit this Christmas!

Add a tasty twist to your classic roast veggies this year with some delicious maple and balsamic flavours! These easy sheetpan roast vegetables will be a game changer at your Christmas feast!

Cheesy Pesto Bread Wreath by Marcellina in Cucina

Feeding a crowd? Then this cheesy, pesto pull apart bread wreath is a great go to this holiday season! Served with this tomato dipping sauce, it’ll really hit the spot.

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Dinner For Breakfast – It’s Time To Ditch The Meal Labels

I’m not going to lie, I’m definitely not a breakfast person. It’s not that I don’t like eating in the mornings or anything, it’s just that I don’t really enjoy the typical “breakfast food” that seems to be considered normal.

I love waking up to a plate of leftovers, and I’ve even been known to make a single serve of pasta at 8:30am on a weekend – that kind of breakfast is great.

But the thing is, if you say ‘oh, I had carbonara’ then most people look at you as though you’ve either waken up with a hangover or are a weirdo.

And I really don’t get what the big deal is. I know that breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, and I know you should try and eat a decent meal most mornings, but the thing is; if you can eat a chicken stir fry for dinner and it’s considered a nutritious meal, than why can’t you have it for breakfast?

And besides, a lot of the most common “normal” breakfast options aren’t super good for you anyway. Think about it. Most types of cereal are full of sugar and don’t actually offer many nutritional benefits, and both bacon and sausages leave much to be desired.

Leftover Cream of Chicken Soup – The Perfect Start to a Winter Morning

What I will say is that eggs are great. They’re loaded with protein and are always a good option, but the problem is that people have labelled them as a “breakfast food” and they’re not often seen on the dinner menu.

If you’ve ever been stressed about what to have for breakfast or feel obligated to eat what everyone else considers “normal” then just take a deep breath and eat whatever you feel like!

It’s time to get rid of all these meal labels and just eat what we want, what our bodies need and most importantly when we feel like it.

I want to see what your first meal of the day is, whether it’s bacon and eggs or a burger – let’s just ditch the labels!

Please post your meals on social media and use the hashtag #ditchingthemeallabels so I can see what’s on your menu!

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20 Spooky Halloween Party Food Recipes to Impress Your Guests

I absolutely love Halloween! I’ve always loved monsters and ghosts and all the spooky decorations and themed food that you get with Halloween…the only problem is that I’m Australian.

We don’t really celebrate Halloween here. Up until a few years ago, nobody in our town ever went trick-or-treating – and by the time people did start doing it, I was too old to be walking round town dressed as a monster, begging for sweets.

That aside, I still love to celebrate the spooky holiday (even if it’s not a holiday here) in my own way.


So today I’ve rounded up the very best Halloween treats, drinks and deliciously scary party food to help you celebrate the spooky season too! So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Mummy Dogs by I Heart Nap Time

Mummy Dogs are my favourite thing to make for Halloween! My sister and I love them and they’re so easy to whip up. Kids and adults alike will be lining up for these bad boys.

Mousse Graveyards by Spice Cravings

This no-bake, fuss free chocolate graveyard mousse is rich, decadent and silky smooth. Topped with chocolate biscuit ‘dirt’ and vanilla biscuit ‘tombstones’ this dessert is sure to impress.

Spider Cupcakes by Mom Foodie

Aren’t these spider cakes cute?! Edible fondant spiders are placed on top of chocolate cupcakes for a great Halloween treat for any age! Want to make these even easier? Then simply use a packet cake mix.

Non-Alcoholic Blood Bag Punch by Finding Zest

Wow all your Vampire guests with these clever ‘blood’ bags! These fake I.V bags are super clever and you can get them right here.

Spider Cookies by What a Girl Eats

These cookies are a fun, homemade treat for Halloween. And the delicious combination of peanut butter and chocolate is a match made in heaven.

Eyeball Toffee Apples by Chewable Structures

Is there anything more iconic than a toffee apple at Halloween? It’s a classic treat that I feel is a must at any Halloween party and if you want to try your hand at making your own then this is your ultimate guide.

Raspberry Mummy Pies by Veggie Desserts

Get into the Halloween spirit with these adorable Mummy Pies. Easy and delicious, these pies are readily adaptable to suit your taste preferences by simply switching up the fillings!

Cheesy Monster Dip by Easy Cooking With Molly

Is it really a party without dip? I’m not sure, but just in case you better check this recipe out. This easy monster dip is ready in 15 minutes, gluten free and can be made in both oven or stovetop.

Banana Mummy’s by Lemons & Zest

Looking for a fun and easy treat to make with the kids this Halloween? Well, you don’t get much easier than these banana mummy pops. They’re also great if your trying to avoid the traditional sugar high this year because the kids will love them.

Boozy Graveyard Puddings by Tipsy Chickens

Sorry kiddos’ but this one is adults only. These make ahead boozy puddings get the Halloween treatment with a graveyard look, complete with worms and tombstone.

Brain Jelly by Simply Happy Foodie

This jelly is both gross and awesome at the same time! It’s the perfect make ahead dessert that’s a real show stopper, and all you need is a mold like this.

Bat Doughnuts by The Simple Sweet Life

Chocolate doughnuts? Yes, please! These Halloween bat doughnuts are every bit as easy as they are sweet. Perfect for your next Halloween party.

Frankinstein Suckers by Crayons & Cravings

Lollipops are a Halloween staple. Well, now you can impress your guest with your very own homemade Frankenstein Suckers, and don’t worry; they’re so much easier than you think!

Pretzel Cheese Witch Brooms by Meaningful Eats

These bite sized witch broomsticks are an easy, healthy Halloween snack the kids will love! Made in minutes, with absolutely so cooking involved!

Halloween Sugar Cookies by Partylicious

Who doesn’t love beautifully decorated sugar biscuits? They’re such a great thing to make with the kids and are a real crowd pleaser! You can make them in various shapes, but for Halloween, I like these.

Halloween Brownie Bites by Practically Homemade

As if you need an excuse like Halloween to have brownies. Perfect for any decorating novice, these spooky goodies won’t last long on the dessert table.

Halloween Sushi by The Chopstick Chronicles

These mini sushi balls make a great finger food and will be a hit with all your guests! They’re so much easier to make than regular sushi and require a lot less skill and equipment! Decorating them gets them ready for Halloween and makes them that much cuter!

Witch Hat Cupcakes by The Simple Sweet Life

There’s no fondant needed with this recipe because these awesome witch hat cupcakes are pure icing goodness! These cake are a real crowd pleaser and oh so cute.

Halloween Almond Cookies by Meaningful Eats

Gluten Free cookies anyone? Who said celiacs need to miss out on all the fun? These GF almond cookies will be a real hit at your Halloween party, and these cute little cookie cutters will make the perfect shapes every time.

Peanut Butter Apple Monster Teeth by Meaningful Eats

Halloween is the time for sweets, sugar and stuffing our mouths with every lolly under the sun, right? Well if you’re looking for a different option, something that may not give you instant cavities, then you’ll love these cute little apple monster teeth! They’re three ingredients and incredibly easy!


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Top 10 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

I will admit that I’m a bit of a sucker for kitchen gadgets. Not in the sense that I sit up at 11pm at night with a glass of wine watching late night infomercials, but if I see something that looks good, then you know…

So today I’m sharing with you my top 10 kitchen gadgets to make your life a little easier!

My Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets

Keep in mind that I may receive a small commission if you click a link and make a purchase. However, this does not impact my views and opinions – I do really love these products!

1. Food Processor

There was no hesitation when choosing my number one kitchen gadget. A decent food processor will make your life so much easier, trust me. Anything from grating to blitzing, the food processor is my absolute must have in the kitchen. I use mine to make guacamole, cheesecake bases, sorbet and dips; like my Mediterranean Layered White Bean Dip. 

2. KitchenAid Mixmaster

Unfortunately, I do not currently own one of these mixmasters, but boy do I want one. The thing that’s makes this mixmaster so special is the attachments you can get. From pasta makers, spiralizers, you can even get a sifter and scale attachment! There are so many attachments, the only problem (and the reason I don’t have one yet) is the price tag. 

3. Mandolin Slicer

Cut your prep time in half – literally. With this handy tool, you can achieve thin, uniform slices every time. Just run your veggies up and down the Mandolin for slicing, shredded and grating with ease. Making veggie chips? No problem. Need some coleslaw for the barbecue? Covered. How about some carrot cake? Sorted. I just recommend using the guard to make sure that you slice the veggies and not your fingers. Use it for homemade veggie chips, coleslaw, salads, grated vegetables, slicing fruit and vegetables and shredding. 

4. Microplane Zester

The humble zester can do so much more than just zesting lemons! From getting garlic nice and fine to finishing of your pasta with some freshly grated Parmesan, a zester can be really helpful. Use it on citrus, Parmesan, garlic, nutmeg, ginger and even chocolate. 

5. Mr. Whipstir – A Mechanical Whisk

Okay, I will admit that I was suckered into buying this after watching a live infomercial in the middle of BigW – but it really does work! I seriously love this thing; it saves me so much time and energy making scrambled eggs and omelettes and you can even use it to froth milk for coffee! Use it for eggs, milk, cream, making dressings, pancakes and just about anything else you use a normal whisk for.

Mr Whipstir 2 piece set – easy to use mechanical hand whisk by Mr. Whipstir

6. Lemon Squeezer

I use citrus quite often; I love the tangy, fresh flavour that you get from lemons and limes. This means that having a decent lemon squeezer is must for me in the kitchen. It really makes things a lot easier and it gets every last drop of juice out of the fruit. 

7. Spiralizer

Say hello to gorgeous, vibrant summer salads and oodles of zucchini noodles! A good quality spiralizer will turn any drab salad into something amazing. My Auntie has one that makes all different sizes of veggie ribbons and noodles – I’ll admit that I have gadget envy; mine only does noodles. 

8. Blender

If you think that all you can do with a blender it make smoothies, then think again. From achieving smooth and creamy soups to luscious salad dressings and sauces, a blender can do amazing things. You can even use it to make pancake batter. Use it to make smoothies, soups, salsa, dressing, hollandaise sauce and pancake batter.

9. Garlic Press

All right so I’m not sure if everyone else is as obsessed with garlic as I am, but if you are then you definitely need to have a garlic press. Say goodbye to peeling and dicing garlic – just pop in a clove, squeeze and your ready to go! Use it for almost any dish that uses garlic (and if you’re like me, that’s basically everything!) 

10. Potato Ricer

If you love smooth, creamy, fluffy mashed potatoes than a potato ricer is a must! Just add the boiled potatoes to the ricer and push through and add the dairy and salt for the best mashed potato you’ve ever had. Totally worth it. Use it for making any kind of mash veggies or purée. 

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Must have kitchen gadgets

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